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Newsletter - March 2022 Part 2


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Bottom Line:

Crossfitters are focused on strength and conditioning, with a healthy dose of competition mixed in. And if you are looking to improve your WOD (that’s workout a day for the uninitiated), then you need a plan to achieve your best performance, while making sure your body can recover quickly. Otherwise, injuries may start to pop up and cause you to slow down or even keep you from going to the gym altogether.

Why it Matters:

As someone who is looking for both optimal performance and recovery- there is no better choice than chiropractic. Exciting new research has shown that chiropractic adjustments can increase cortical drive by influencing your nervous system, which in results in increased strength. Also, adjustments can improve spinal motion and reduce inflammation- all of which help with recovery.

– CrossFit is a popular, high-intensity style workout

– Improving core strength and flexibility can reduce the likelihood of injuries

– Emerging research has shown an increase in strength after a spinal adjustment

Next Steps:

The importance of chiropractic to those engaging in CrossFit is twofold. One is that of prevention, the other is that of treating injuries. “Crossfitters” are an intense group, and most do not like to be out for long when hurt. This is where the preventive use of chiropractic is so important. It's almost like paying it forward to your body. Obviously, those who do CrossFit frequently get injuries to their back, knees, shoulders, etc, and this is where the injury treatment aspect comes in. “Crossfitters” tend to develop muscle tightness and lack of joint range of motion more rapidly than other sports, this makes them high risk candidates for injury. Chiropractors can utilize soft tissue therapies which releases stress and decreases recovery time, which allows the athlete to again perform at an elite level.

CrossFit is a demanding sport- which is one of the reasons it’s so fun. But unless you balance your activity with the proper rest and recovery, you could end up injured and in pain. Your adjustments will go a long way towards keeping you strong and active, but if you would like any recommendations on nutritional supplements or pain relieving creme’s just ask, we would be happy to help!

Science Source:

  1. Impact of CrossFit-Related Spinal Injuries. Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine. 2017

Dr. Wanken

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